For thousands of years, different types and styles of yoga have evolved to fit the contemporary people. Finding balance and connecting the inside with the outside has always been prominent qualities that yoga offers. Regardless of lifestyle, people from all walks of life experience the great benefits that yoga gives to their everyday life. Whether you want to become more flexible, stronger, learn how to maximize your capacity with focused breathing, find a better posture, practice during rehabilitation, do arm balances and headstands, or find a fierce focus that endures any challenge in life – yoga has something for you! The practice is fully customized for each and every person. Constitution of the body along with the daily shape, decide what we focus on. We realign the body as we create awareness in areas that have been tightened up or forgotten. We recall the feeling in the muscles, rather than focusing on a conceptual shape or movement.

The yoga at rebirth derives inspiration from Ashtanga Yoga, Rocket Vinyasa Yoga, Rehabilitation, Theta Healing, and Iyengar. There are a thousand and one modifications to bring forth to make every session the best it can be – anyone can practice! Come experiencebalance for both your body and mind.


PT Yoga                                   550 kr to 850 kr

Yoga Duo                                 225 kr to 400 kr/person

Small Group Yoga (3-4 persons)             150 kr to 350 kr/person


* Yoga sessions last either 60 or 90 minutes

* Packages available in 5, 10, 20, or 30 sessions

* Please be aware of 24 hour cancellation policy per session