rebirth is dedicated to providing the best personal training and wellness services in the most unique, private environments. We offer our clients first class service at our wellness lifestyle studios in Stockholm located at Fridhemsgatan 53 in a former chocolate factory near the beautiful water district of Kungsholms strand on the island of Kungsholmen and our newest studio at Grev Turegatan 30 within the GT30 building in the Östermalm and Stureplan areas of Stockholm.

We are here to develop personalised training programs based on your individual needs, your condition, and your goals. Whether you want to reach your ideal weight, get a healthier lifestyle, or learn more about how exercise affects your body, rebirth is your place. Your rebirth wellness lifestyle consultant is inspirational, motivating and will gladly share knowledge to make your training more effective and fun!

In the studios, you will find your moment of pulse, adrenaline, and balance for both your body and mind. The equipment and training environment has been carefully chosen to make your training as versatile and effective as possible, while providing a workout space that feels more like training in the comfort of your own private gym.